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When you are on a job that is as challenging as police, military, security guards, and first responder, you often find yourself outdoors facing the harsh weather. Especially, in winters and the rainstorms, your job becomes even more challenging as you have to keep yourself safe against the harsh weather effects and at the same time maintain the highest standards of service too. To keep you covered against harsh weather conditions, it is important that you have a couple of parkas in your tactical gear. They have been designed specifically to offer you the much needed cover against the cold and rain, providing your body the much-needed warmth and tactical maneuverability at the same time.

Parkas or Anoraks refer to a specific type of coats that come with an attached hood which is usually lined with faux fur. Originally, the garment was made with seal or caribou skin. Initially, it was used for kayaking and hunting in the frosty arctic but later people found all sorts of different applications for these amazing parkas and they became an essential part of any tactical gear. Today, the best brands of the world manufacture these parkas and they come equipped with a range of amazing features that make life easier for those military and police personnel serving in the most challenging areas with harshest weather conditions.

The brands that we have in store here at LA Police Gear include 5.11 tactical, first tactical, TRU-SPEC, Elbeco and Blauer. These are the top names when it comes to tactical gear manufacturing and they produce all sorts of unique products to address both styling and functional requirements of those performing world’s toughest jobs on ground. The parkas from these brands are a perfect example and they are equally amazing as other products that you might have tried out from them until now. Special features are built into these parkas to avoid harsh weather effects and they are meant to last the routine wear and tear they have to get through rather easily.

To give you the feel of what you can expect from these top tactical gear manufacturers,check out this 5.11 Tactical Men’s Responder Hi-Vis Parka that gives you reliability, utility, and performance all at the same time. It is something worth having on your tactical gear with amazing features on offer. It is functional, breathable, and waterproof at the same time. The shoulders are equipped with abrasion panels. The zippered utility pockets on the sleeves can be used for a variety of purposes as well. There’s a water-resistant radio pocket incorporated into it as well. And, the list of features can go on and on.

We have always brought the highest quality parkas for both men and women and our products make an essential part of any tactical gear. No matter if you are a first responder or military personnel, check out some of our best-sellers below. Go through the amazing features and pick one that best fits your needs.