Lanterns may sound too old-fashioned but they really make a handy piece of equipment even in today’s modern world. They can be an essential part of your tactical gear if you are serving as security guards, first responder, police and military officers. You might ask why go for these typical lanterns when you have the modern flashlights and other lighting source that work even in the remote areas. Well, what if your flashlights run out of power? What if you need something that you can carry easily and hang on a rope or pipe as required? What if you need something that provides you constant illumination throughout the night in your camping tent or on your check post? To be honest, in all these situations, you can’t find a better alternative than lanterns and no other common lighting source would do a job as good as this old-school piece of equipment. And, with world’s top brands innovating the concept, you can easily find the most modern products on market as well.

Typical lanterns used to be incandescent lights that burn a certain fuel such as propane, kerosene or white has for producing heat and this heat helps their mantles in producing light. Mantles usually refer to a ceramic mesh which encased the flame a lantern produces. However, most modern lanterns are battery-operated like flashlights and they use LED lights for providing the illumination you need. What they mimic from the typical lanterns, however, is the shape and design to give you the same utility and feel.

With most modern tactical gear manufacturers producing lanterns for tactical purposes nowadays, you are no short of options here. And, to fulfill your outdoor lighting requirements, we at LA Police Gear bring you the highest-quality lanterns from world’s top brands including Streamlight Flashlights, Nite Ize, Blackhawk, Coghlan’s, Fenix, and Pelican. If you already have a few products from these brands on your tactical gear, you must have an idea as to what type of quality you can expect from these brands. Besides, buying multiple products from the same manufacturer sometimes helps ensure that they work perfectly together as well.

Want to have a look at the best lanterns for outdoor lighting? The Streamlight The Siege Hand Lantern is the best-seller on our products catalogue and it comes with a long list of features to offer. It ensures soft and 360-degree light distribution with its glare-reducing polycarbonate cover. You can use it comfortably in your close quarters and there is no need to worry about issues like impaired vision. When you are in a large and open space, you can remove the cover too in order to get the maximum illumination. It also boasts of an ergonomic handle design which locks in stowed or upright position. The lantern works with 3 “D” cell alkaline batteries. It is quite durable and will serve your tactical lighting needs for times to come.

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