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NiteIze is a very catchy name.  And it explains exactly what the Nite Ize brand does.  Obviously we all want to be able to see in the dark and that's exactly how Nite Ize began.  Rick Case, founder and current CEO, came up with the NiteIze idea back in 1989 in a small Colorado cabin. Since then, Nite Ize products have continued to expand and the brand lines have continued to grow into at least 500 products which are distributed world wide! 

The original staff members at LA Police Gear remember back in the day when we were just starting out with the LAPG brand, and we were very excited to carry the Nite Ize brand.  The original Nite Ize flashlights were super tiny and they started using LED technology that was almost unheard of in the tactical flashlight industry back then. Of course we all had to have at least one Nite Ize tactical flashlight each. Rick Case was one of the most upbeat, positive entrepreneurs we had met.  And he still is today. 

Nite Ize has continued their 'cool factor' by introducing a wide range of products over the years, and now the Nite Ize flashlights have an unending range of features and style to meet almost everyone's personal needs. Today, Nite Ize is not only world renowned for their hand-held tactical flashlights, but also other products such as headlamps, lanterns, key chain lights, glow sticks and all the necessary flashlight accessories like flashlight holsters and mounts, flashlight batteries and flashlight LED upgrades.  Whether you're working under your car's hood in the dark, or on a tactical mission, or even a late night dog walk, Nite Ize will have the right light to illuminate your needs.

Two of the coolest and most popular NiteIze products is the Nite Ize Steelie Dash Mount and the NiteIze Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket. The Steelie Dash Mount is so simple to use but so strong and durable.  With a two-piece ball-and-socket mounting system that attaches anywhere on your dashboard with an adhesive strip, the Steelie Dash Mount turns in a 360 degree motion, which allows you to move your phone any way you want, and with the Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket you can easily attach your phone and be hands-free in no time.

And all the Nite Ize fun doesn't stop there!  Kids love the Nite Ize BugLit LED Micro flashlight. Super bright LED light wrapped in a flexible 'bug' body, the BugLite flashlight can wrap around, be twisted or adjusted to fit any object which will make bedtime for young kids fun and help keep bed monsters away!  LA Police Gear carries the entire line of the Nite Ize brand.  Simple, user-friendly and fun, everyone needs a Nite Ize light in their life!