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What’s better than finding your favorite tactical gear? Well, it’s finding your favorite tactical gear on sale! Check out the LA Police Gear discount tactical gear, where we always have the best gear at an affordable price. LA Police Gear has been the #1 source for tactical gear for years, and our clearance tactical gear is quality equipment, tools and clothing at the lowest price possible. 

Since 2001, LAPG has been selling tactical and police gear. We are the industry leader in closeouts for military, law enforcement and tactical gear. Common sizes and colors tend to sell out fast, so don’t miss out on these incredible tactical gear closeouts. 

LA Police Gear understands that you often need more than one piece of gear or equipment for your work or hobby. We know you may need tactical boots for work and prefer hiking shoes for your summer adventures in the backcountry. We ensure that we always have tactical gear closeouts and sales on a variety of items. So, you can get all the equipment you need without the high price tag. 

You’ll find brands such as Magpul, Bates Boots, 5.11 Tactical, Blackhawk, Oakley, Danner and many other great military and tactical brands. The brands featured change from time to time, but we make sure to always include your favorites and other popular brands.

Now it’s easier to find just what you need with our new filtering system that helps you sort items. You can search by clothing and boot sizes, categories and more by using the filter in the left sidebar.  

And don’t worry! There is nothing wrong with these items. Many are just overstock or discontinued high-quality items. We ensure that the equipment we carry uses the latest technology and is made from the best materials. 

Make sure to check out the other items we offer, too–handcuffs, Safariland Tactical Holsters, Safariland Belt Holsters, first aid kits, tactical boots and tactical pants. We’re confident you’ll find the right gear, tools and clothing you need to perform at your best, whether that’s on or off duty, so check out the tactical gear closeouts today.