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Streamlight Flashlights


Streamlight started in 1973, and the company defines itself as a “hands-on” company. The people in the company learn by doing, so they understand what their customers need. They use the same tools and have an intimate knowledge of what each customer job entails and how they use Streamlight flashlights.

Streamlight explains that they take classes on low-light shooting and go through the same training that firefighters do. They understand the extreme conditions that law enforcement officers and fire and rescue personnel work in and why they need a durable light they can depend on. And Streamlight flashlights aren’t just popular with hardcore professions. They are for fishermen, hunters and sports and outdoors enthusiasts.

LA Police Gear knows that Streamlight manufactures high-quality lights because they go out into the field and find out what people who actually use the products like and don’t like. They actually WANT to hear what their customers have to say. And they are always making changes based on the information they learn from the people who use their products every day.

Streamlight Brand flashlights are the industry-standard for tough illumination gear that can take a beating. Many police departments and security guards across the country use the popular Streamlight Stinger flashlights because they are reliable and made in the USA. This winning combination makes LA Police Gear proud to be an authorized dealer.

And the reliability doesn’t stop there. Streamlight makes an incredible weapon light. The Streamlight TLR-1 is popular with law enforcement and the shooting community. Its bright-lit toughness and long-lasting quality is hard to beat. Streamlight created several new versions, including the TLR-2 weapon light with laser, based on the success of the original weapon light. Now Streamlight has produced the TLR-3, TLR-4, TLR-5, TLR-6 and more tactical flashlights.

Streamlight also makes a great vertical grip with a built-in light mount for long gun applications and remote switches. 

Here’s the bottom line: Police and fire and rescue personnel need lights that last all of their shift. If you want a reliable flashlight that holds a charge all night and puts out bright light in tactical or police situations, then you want a Streamlight.

You can’t go wrong with a Streamlight, the brand made by people who know their customers well and put out quality products every time. Check out our selection of Streamlight brand weapon lights and flashlights because we are positive you’ll find the perfect light that fits all your needs.