Gifts For Hikers

Many hikers spend most of their time in the backcountry or outdoors. So, it’s not a secret that the perfect gifts for hikers are related to nature and essential gear. We have critical equipment and gear essentials, as well as hiking boots and delicious freeze-dried and dehydrated food for the trail.

Water and food are necessary for life, so gifting your hiker with a water bottle or delicious food by Backpacker’s Pantry are the perfect gifts.  The food comes in a variety of flavors like Beef Stroganoff, Louisiana Red Rice and Beans, Cuban Coconut Rice and more. And don’t forget dessert! Now your outdoor lover can take an ice cream sandwich or granola, almonds and bananas with them. 

LA Police Gear’s large selection of hiking boots ensures that you’ll find the perfect pair for your hiker. 

Another great gift is a sleeping bag that keeps them warm but is not too bulky to carry. An emergency blanket that fits easily in a pack is another great present idea because hypothermia is a real threat on the trail. 

We also have self-protection tools like personal alarms and pepper spray that may come in handy on the trail. A good durable stun gun flashlight does double duty to protect your hiker.

No matter what hiking present you buy this season, your favorite hiker is sure to love anything on our list of incredible gifts for hikers.