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Condor Tactical


Condor first opened in the 1980s as Condor Outdoor Products and has always focused on making quality outdoor gear at an affordable price. The company’s founder, Spencer Tien, has created a lifelong relationship with the Army-Navy Industry, and it’s still important to Condor today. 

After the tragic events of 9/11, the world evolved into one focused on preventing similar attacks, and the demand for tactical gear significantly increased. Condor answered the call as one of the first companies to enter the tactical equipment sector. In 2002, the company showcased the 3-Day Assault Pack, and it was an instant success. This product ignited the evolution of Condor’s product line. 

The Condor team went on to create various tactical vests, bags, function-focused pouches, a line of durable tactical equipment and packs. These products meet the needs of first responders, military, security professionals and law enforcement officers all around the world. Condor quickly gained a reputation for having a broad variety of high-quality, affordable clothing and gear. 

All of Condor’s product lines are field-tested by professionals in the field, so you can be guaranteed the product works like it’s advertised to. They’ve developed lifelong fans over the years who have made the company one of the most notable in the tactical industry. 

You never have to worry about their products failing, as rigorous testing has proven they are reliable. Condor wants to ensure the safety of all first responders, so they will continue to design and develop the best products possible that help you do your job efficiently. 

As Condor continues to evolve with the changing times, we’ll keep selling their incredible gear. Shop a variety of Condor pouches, bags and packs, tactical vests, clothing and carriers. You’ll love some of our favorites, like the Condor Rapid Assault Chest Rig designed for stability and rapid reloading or the Condor Sentry Lightweight Plate Carrier. If you want reliable tactical gear that makes your job easier, then you’ll love Condor’s products.