LA Police & Tactical Gear packs, backpackshydration PacksSling Bags, and Messenger Bags have had a powerful effect on law enforcement officers. For starters, they come in shades of BlackGrey, GreenFoliage,MaroonDesert Tan, and Coyote serving a variety of functionsRepeat purchases mean Good news!

Advantages that have impacted customersroomy main storage areazippered outer pocketsreinforced grab-and-go handlesMOLLE webbinginterior mesh pockets, gear-specific compartmentswater-repellent coatingexternal compression straps, and internal hydration compartment; our tactical gear bags and packs always leave an impression. 

A stunning collection with Free Shipping across USA will leave you happily surprised. Talk to our 24x7 chat support or walk into our Los Angeles store; the LAPG Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag, one of our bestsellers, the LAPG Jumbo Bail Out Bag, the LAPG Atlas™ 72 Hour Tactical Backpack, the LAPG Police Gear LNT PackLAPG Commuter & School Backpack; First RespondersPolice OffersCHP OfficersSoldiersSecurity Guards have loved our range of tactical gear packs and bags

For outdoor tactical operations or an expedition, our 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 Backpack 58601,  Maxpedition Operator Tactical Attache Bag, the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Sling BagRed Rock Outdoor Gear Hipster Sling BagRed Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack, the Maxpedition OCTA Versipack 0455,  First Tactical Ascend Messenger Bag5.11 Tactical Rush Delivery Kuke Bag, the 5.11 Tactical RUSH Delivery Lima BagRed Rock Outdoor Gear Gambler Sling Backpack, the Maxpedition Rightcore Backpack might be your ideal six-packbuddy on that arduous field trip.

Made of reinforced materials like polyester and nylon, our tactical gear bags and packs vary from affordable backpacks to premium tactical gear. Designed to flex muscle, they will put up a fight against extreme conditions such as training simulations or climbing summits. They can be friendly companions on adventure days too, which is why hikersrunnersbikersathletes and adventurers buy them. We leave the choice up to you; the Condor Centurion Duffle Bag, the Condor EDC Bag, the Condor Convoy Outdoor Pack, the Under Armour Hustle 3.0 Backpack, the Maxpedition DoppelDuffel Adventure Bag, the Vertx Tourist Sling Pack, the TUFF Products iStow Pack, the Condor Compact Modular Style Assault Pack, the Arcteryx Blade 6 Backpack, the TRU-SPEC Tour of Duty Backpack, the TRU_SPEC G.I. Spec Duffle Bags, the Leatherbag Gear Civilian Pack, the Oakley Link Pack Miltac, the Maxpedition Ironcloud Adventure Travel Bag, the Maxpedition Entity Large Crossbody Bag; feel free to pick the one that suits you best. 

You need water, that energy or sports drink or your favorite beverage to survive a designated mission. Our tactical gear hydration packs ensures a drink on the back while you’re on the go. They come with a with a reservoir bladder with a hose-style straw that runs straight into your mouthArmor-mounted MOLLE hydration carrierscanteen pouches or bottle holders; pick whichever you need. Sizes range from small 1-liter hydration systems to large 3-liter water carriers to carry required volumes of water or other precious liquids that provide sustenance to ensure survival. The CamelBak ThermoBak 3LS 100 oz. Mil Spec Crux Hydration Pack or the Source Commander Hydration Cargo Pack are popular with Police OfficersCHP OfficersSoldiers and First Responders. The reversible reservoir from our elite hydration bags and packs can be cleaned inside out. These hydration packs carry the life-saving elixir you need; no price tag can be too high. 

Buckle or YKK Zipper Closures will secure your gunsnotebookslaptops, and GPS Units in our tactical Gear Messenger Bags or in our LA Police Gear Tactical Briefcases. Our Covert Satchels or Tactical Gear Lucy Totes offer roomy compartments for a comfortable fit. Hoodwink the enemy with our Gun Handbags or Holster Purses, which look like fancy women’s bags but can actually conceal your weaponPurpose-built compartments, and a stable strap design ensures your Tactical Gear Messenger Bag is best for the job. Choose from tactical gear Canvas Messenger BagsCross-body Delivery Bags and Concealed Carry Bags; they are your trustworthy messengers. Our Tactical Gear Sling Bags and Packs are light on your shoulder, yet durable and divided into compartments of different sizes to fit in as many valuables as you can, keeping your hands free to drive your vehicle or shoot at close range.  

Among many other on showroom display are the Condor Ambidextrous Sling BagMaxpedition Entity Large Crossbody BagMaxpedition Grid Flux Sling BagEberlestock G4 Operator PackBlackhawk Phoenix PackGalco Metropolitan Handgun PurseMil-Spec Monkey Adapt PackGalco Pandora Holster PurseTactical Tailor Tahoma Tote Assault Malice Pack BagSandpiper of California Bug Out BagTactical Tailor Rhino Ruck Kit; call us today. 

All’s fair in love and war; whether you take the punch or hit hard, you’ll still need our tactical gear backpack that packs a punch.