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Tactical Plate Carriers

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Tactical plate carriers are for the most intense tactical situations because they will stop high-powered rifle rounds that soft body armor can’t. Because of their weight, these are the vests you use for active shooter incidents or SWAT callouts, not the ones you wear on patrol.

Plate carriers are also for military service members when they are in war-torn and dangerous places and on certain assignments like:

  • Close Quarters Battle 

  • Vehicle Checkpoints

  • Sentry Details

  • Quick Reaction Force Missions

  • Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT)

If there’s a chance you might get shot at, you need a plate carrier. If you’ve ever been shot at, you understand why tactical plate carriers are such important pieces of equipment.

Our plate carriers are based on the Soldier Plate Carrier system that the U.S. Army uses. They are the ultimate protection and barrier for your vital organs. The top ballistic armor carriers, such as Condor, Point Blank and Second Chance, design and manufacture these plate carriers for maximum durability and protection.

We have a variety of styles with many possibilities for both men and women, whether you need a military plate carrier or one for law enforcement officers. Depending on the climate and season where you work or the type of assignment you’re on, plate carriers come with or without side panels for better ventilation or enhanced protection.

Modular tactical plate carriers allow you to remove or add ballistic panels as needed. MOLLE plate carriers have webbing to attach your own pouches for more options. These plate carriers allow you to customize how you wear your equipment, and you can move them whenever and wherever you need to.

Other tactical plate carriers are quite versatile, and some even come with pouches and pockets to store your radio, magazines, tactical lights and other equipment.

They are all designed to be as comfortable as possible and for maximum functionality. The materials used to craft them are high-quality and durable. Inner padding, adjustable side buckles and detachable shoulder straps help customize the fit for better protection. We also sell pouch attachments and side panels for certain models. We can add on back panels that go with some chest harnesses to create a full rig around your torso.

While plate carriers may hinder your mobility, the protection they provide outweighs that issue. You’ll thank yourself when you’re involved in an active shooter incident. Check out our selection of high-quality plate carriers and accessories so you can be prepared for anything.