Soft Body Armor

Soft Armor, Body Armor, and Concealment Vests

You need body armor when you serve in the most challenging positions as police, military, security guards, and first responders. Each of these jobs often requires you to put yourself in the line of fire protecting your motherland or, maybe, the people around you against enemies and criminals. Whatever the case, you should be fully equipped with the right tactical gear that keeps you protected against any serious life threatening injuries. Among such tactical equipment, soft armor makes an essential piece to give the kind of protection you need against certain types of gunshots. Contrary to what the name suggests, this type of armor is strong enough to reflect back the bullets fired at you and keep you breathing as you diligently perform your duties. Just find the best quality products from the world’s best manufacturers and keep yourself safe no matter how bad things may go around you.

Soft armor is usually quite flexible and soft but its components are way stronger as compared to steel. It is not too bulky as the hard armor, and you can wear it under your uniform rather easily. Wearing soft body armor with different other tactical gear is never a problem either. In fact, sometimes, you might have to use this type of armor alongside hard armor for maximum protection. It is often made using some fabric-like material that offers extreme strength. It can be found in many different forms and shapes but it is usually available in the form of a vest. Typically, it is rated good enough to stop the pistol-caliber ammunition offering full protection against such firearms but it may not survive the rifle-caliber shots. So, you’d need more protection to survive those gunshots.

We understand how important your life is and what kind of threats you’re facing when you’re serving as police or military operatives. So, we bring you the best quality gear from the best brands including 5.11 Tactical, Armor Express, North American Rescue, AR500 Armor, Leatherback Gear, Propper, Point Blank Body Armor, Monadnock, and Second Chance Body Armor. No matter which of these brands you choose to go with for your soft armor needs, you can rest assured that you’d be buying the best quality products. All the equipment we sell is thoroughly tested for performance and you can expect only the best no matter what you buy here at LA Police Gear.

To give you a bit of idea about the quality you can expect from our products, check out our best selling Point Blank Body Armor Special Threat Speed Male Plate that’s literally the best out there. It can protect you against those exotic rounds and you can wear it inside the chest pockets of your concealable vests. These are the ultra-thin curved speed plates and can be quite helpful in minimizing the blunt force trauma no matter what type of threats you are faced with.

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