Emergency Blankets & Bivvys

Emergency Blankets and Bivvys

Whenever you are exposed to moist or cold weather, it is imperative to maintain body warmth for avoiding any negative impact on your health. To be fortunate, all the modern day outdoor packs carry a couple of Emergency blankets and bivvys. What makes them so popular is the fact that they’re small, lightweight, and pretty affordable. From tactical, military use to being part of the modern camping gear, the uses of these blankets and bivvys are so widespread and you can’t imagine surviving outdoors without one.

The Bivvys are, essentially, a slip on cover that can be used with a sleeping bag to ensure that it stays warmer and becomes waterproof at the same time. Usually, these bags are made from synthetic materials designed for reflecting and holding body heat. They really make a must-have for your bug-out bags and can be useful in a variety of different settings. They make a wonderful weather protection for those who spend most of their time outdoors like first responder, security guards, and police. They even make a perfect choice for those who love camping and mountaineering and need ultimate weather protection.

With industry leaders like 5ive Star Gear, Coghlan’s and North American Rescue offering the best-in-class emergency blankets and bivvys, you never have to worry at all about buying a product that can last the test of time. At LA Police Gear, we carry a range of blankets and bivvys to meet diverse requirements in any type of emergency situation. From all-weather emergency bags to 3-in-1 survival blankets, we have an answer to your specific needs regardless of what you are looking for. Made with the highest quality materials, our military North American rescue fire blanket and other similar products are known to be the best on the market.

Some other popular names we have in stock are Elite First Aid, Inc., Tactical Tailor and Israeli Medical Bandages. And, they are all committed to offer best quality products designed for a range of practical usage by police and military alike. The emergency blankets and bivvys from these popular brands are all designed to offer warmth with comfort and they are also made with the highest quality materials. Features like 2-way nylon zippers allow for using the bivvy bags both as your sleeping bag or a “tube” with opened bottom for times when you are just sitting around in cold or are wearing boots. There are many other great features on offer with each product from different brands on our catalogue and you can just expect the best in quality and usability.

We bring the widest range of emergency blankets and bivvys for tactical, military and police use. And, we make sure that all your specific needs are addressed with each particular product on offer. Whether you are a first responder or military personnel, you can have a quick look at our product catalogue and find yourself the best offering according to your specific requirements.

Here are some of our top rated products:

Survive Outdoors Longer Escape Bivvy OD Green

Survive Outdoors Longer 2-Person Emergency Bivvy

North American Rescue Fire Blanket

Elite First Aid Silver/OD Emergency Blanket