Adventure Medical Kits

I am prepared! Three simple words that could literally mean the difference between life or death. But ARE you prepared?  From something as simple as a local power outage to a mass casualty event, will you be able to save the life of your loved ones or those around you?  That's exactly why the folks at Tender Corporation manufactures outstanding first-aid products such as the the Adventure Medical Kits.  

At L.A. Police Gear, we proudly carry a wide variety of Adventure Medical kits for any and all situations.  You can purchase comprehensive, pre-compiled kits such as the Adventure Medical Kits Adventure First Aid Series, or the Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series, which takes all the thinking out of it for you.  Or you can compile your own personal kit with individual items such as the extremely popular Adventure Medical Kit Trauma Pak with QuikClot, or the Adventure Medical Kits Easy Care Series, Sport + Travel.  There are numerous options to fit your personal lifestyle and your needs.  And any of these products would make a perfect gift for loved ones, so that they can be prepared too! 

Many of Tender's products are packaged in innovative ways that allow them to be convenient to use as well as environmentally friendly.  The makers of Adventure Medical Kits pride themselves on producing products of the highest quality.  And they have done the hard work of compiling the perfect products and preparedness kits so that you can always be prepared. Anywhere! Anytime! 

Adventure Medical Kits

When you plan your trips and camping tours with family and friends, you must make sure that you go out there well-prepared for any adversity. Things can quickly go rough and you might find yourself or one of your loved ones in a life-threatening situation. The same goes for those in police, military, security guards, and first responder teams. For your survival in the toughest situations that you may find yourself in, it is important that you have all the necessary medical tools and first aid items on your tactical gear. With all the necessary stuff on you all the time, you can rest assured that whenever something goes wrong, you can efficiently tackle it will all the medical supplies in your kit and can save lives. Fortunately, many tactical gear manufacturers on the market today are offering medical equipment that could be used by the campers, hunters, shooters, and even the law enforcement. One top manufacturer, however, is the Adventure Medical Kits. Just as the name suggests, their products are meant for adventurers and thrill-lovers who often go on trips and tours in the remote areas. So, carrying these medical kits with you at all times is definitely going to help.

Adventure Medical Kits is a renowned name on the market as they have been manufacturing survival tools and first aid kits for wilderness medicine, travel, and family outings for decades now. They have even been a preferred choice of the law enforcement and are recommended for their high quality medical tools and supplies. Their products also come with written manuals which make them easy to be used even if you don’t have any professional training in administering medical aid. They manufacture everything from complete first aid medical kits to individual items like hand sanitizers, after bite formulas, water purifiers, quickclot gauze, tick nippers, etc. So, you can pick whatever items you need for your tactical gear and buy it from Adventure Medical Kits.

If you are planning to buy some of the best medical tools and supplies from the brand, you can find it all here at LA Police Gear. Our catalogue carries full range of Adventure Medical Kits products and you can buy here with full trust that you’ll only be getting authentic products from the original brand. We also store products from other top brands on the market including Blackhawk, Galco, North American Rescue, Elite First Aid, and Rats Medical. In fact, we have the most extensive range of products available online and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding what you need right here.

Our best-selling Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pak With QuickClot is certainly something to be recommended and you should definitely have it on your tactical gear. With this trauma pack, you can quickly act and get instant trauma care as it carries all the necessary supplies for controlling bleeding and give you enough time to survive until medical teams arrive.

For more amazing products from Adventure Medical Kits, start exploring our products catalogue now. Equip your tactical gear with everything you need and enjoy safe trips and excursions with your family and friends.