Belt Accessories

Belt Accessories

Whether you are mountaineer, camper, first responderpolice or military personnel, you would need a range of belt accessories as part of your tactical gear for one reason or another. The outfits that security guards and the people doing these tactical jobs wear come with duty belts that are meant to carry all the different types of accessories they would need to do their routine chores. Besides, there are also different belt accessories, such as belt pads and belt support, available today that would make wearing those big belts a whole lot easier. Many popular brands like 5.11 tactical and Blackhawk make a range of belt accessories today for your tactical gear and they are all made to offer some sort of support with your routine on-job stuff. 

Your belt accessories can include a whole range of items from belt buckles, blousing garters, belt clip systems, belt pads, duty belt clips, belt links, belt sleeves, and much more along the list. All these products are meant to ensure that your duty belts are not just easy to carry but they can also help carry different tactical gear that you might need in performing your routine activities on job. Even if you’re an adventurer, you can still take advantage of these belt accessories.

We bring you the finest collection of belt accessories with world’s top brands listed on our product catalogue. At LA Police Gear, you can find the top quality accessories from 5.11 tactical, Blackhawk, ASP Products, First Spear, GearClip, High Speed Gear, Safariland, TUFF Products, Tactical Tailor, and Zak Tool. All these brands are synonymous to top quality products and their tactical gear is being used by the professionals across all industries. So, you can count on them and buy yourself the best belt accessories as per your needs. Just check out our product catalogue and give yourself the best shot at some of the top products around.

This Blackhawk Belt Pad is by far the best-selling belt accessory we have in store. It helps you prevent chaffing and pressure points and makes an important part of any professional tactical gear. In fact, it’s a must for all professionals no matter if they are in police, military, or first responder squads. It can help you get rid of those metal slide clips and bring greater comfort to your duty belts

You need a range of belt accessories in your tactical gear to make sure that you do your most challenging job in a seamless fashion. Whether you need something for support or you need to carry some helpful equipment with you, your belt accessories would serve you like nothing else. So, explore more top products on our list and give yourself access to the best accessories from top brands. Have a look at our best-sellers here: