LAPG Favorites

For all the talk about materials, design, core strength, centering force and other buzzwords, choosing tactical gear usually comes down to a simple question: Is this a product I would want to use? In the LA Police Gear Favorites section, the answer for us is a resounding, Yes! We have more than 20,000 products in our online superstore, and new ones are added every day. We understand it can be hard to sort through everything and find the coolest items. So we've put our favorite tactical gear in one place and also given it the LAPG Favorite's badge so you can see exactly what has us all excited. Our President and CEO, Sean, created the CEO Corner for tactical gear that has passed his Cool Test. Simply put, either Sean or a veteran LA Police Gear staff member has used an item, thinks it's cool, and would want it in their collection. And because they like it, we know you will, too! You'll find stuff here from all the leading brands such as Magpul, Streamlight, Magpul and Maxpedition. You'll also find a lot of gear developed in-house by LAPG. Call us biased if you want, but the way we see, if we took the time to design it, then it had better be cool! Come here whenever you're looking for cool new tactical supplies. We have the latest tactical shirts, pants and shorts for both men and women. You'll find sweet weapon accessories such as rifle optics and magazines plus a variety of cool outdoor gear like knives, flashlights, vehicle escape tools and bailout bags. We also have bullet corkscrews, grenade condiments, decal patches and other fun trinkets for your home. You'll be a regular "Joe Cool" especially with some LAPG Favorite sunglasses, by shopping for cool test-approved gear at low prices. And keep an eye out for new items that arrive and are deemed worthy of The Badge!

LAPG Favorites

When it comes to buying your tactical gear, you want to be really sure that you are making the right pick. Whether it is about the quality of the product, its specifications, or if it’s a perfect match for your needs, you just can’t afford to falter with your decision. Want an easy solution? Well, if you can have a trusted recommendation, your life will be a whole lot easier and your selections will be spot on. Fortunately, you can trust our LAPG favorites that you can find here in the CEO corner. These really are the hand vetted products chosen specifically for the police, military, security guards, and the first responder teams for whom a single wrong choice may lead to an unavoidable disaster. When we say “hand vetted products”, we really mean it. Our President and CEO Sean or some of his veteran fellow here at LAPG tests the product first before it gets featured on LAPG Favorites. And we really maintain high testing standards to ensure that whatever we recommend delivers you a one-of-a-kind experience.

The cool stuff we feature here in the CEO corner doesn’t just belong to a single category. Rather, we have recommendations on just about everything you might need on your tactical missions. From tactical pants, duty boots, and workout shirts to multitools, waist packs, utility bags, and different survival gear, we have it all featured right here for you. So, if you are looking for tried and tested products that offer the finest quality possible and are also recommended by the law enforcement pros, you should start exploring our LAPG favorites right away. We keep adding new products every now and then to make sure it’s not just a static collection and that our customers get to try all the latest and the most practical tactical gear.

What’s even better is that we bring you the widest selection of products from world’s top tactical gear manufacturers all brought to you in a single place. Our LAPG Favorites belong to trusted brands like LA Police Gear, 5.11 Tactical, Altama, Condor, Gerber, High Speed Gear, Leatherman, Multitasker, Nexbelt, Off Grid Tools, Pelican, Ranger Up, SOG, Tactical Outfitters, and Vortex Optics. That certainly doubles the trust factor as all these brands are the first choice of most law enforcement professionals today and with our CEO doing the screening further, you simply can’t go wrong with your choice when you buy something from our favorites’ collection.

The latest on our catalogue, and by far the best-selling product, is this LA Police Gear BFE Stretch Pant that’s made tough, comfortable, stylish, and practical all at the same time. The best part is that it’s not too expensive and you won’t have to shell out a whole lot of money to buy this perfect piece for your tactical needs. The pockets are generously added to this stylish pant and it certainly fulfills your requirements on those toughest of tactical missions. In addition, the athletic fit allows for comfortable movement and makes it the most practical choice for your tactical gear.

Explore our LAPG favorites now and find yourself the best quality tactical gear from world’s top trusted brands out there. We’ll not disappoint you!