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    When you’re in the military, on the police force, or a first responder, you have to serve in a range of challenging situations, terrains, and weather conditions. That’s why you need to be well-equipped with high-quality tactical gear that provides ultimate comfort and support. That’s where base layers come in. Tactical base layers play a critical role in providing you warmth, flexibility, and comfort all at the same time, especially in environments with variable climate conditions. At LA Police Gear, we bring you tactical tops, underwear, socks, and more from top brands so that you can always be prepared.


    Tactical Tops for Your Loadout

    Base layers are your inner layer clothing and serve as your “second skin” in your tactical outfit. This type of clothing provides warmth and absorbs and evaporates any sweat to make you feel comfortable throughout your tough day on the job.

    Diverse Collection

    LA Police Gear has the widest collection of tactical tops, bottoms, socks, and underwear from the world’s top brands, including:

    The special fabrics and designs these brands use offer extreme breathability, so your innerwear won’t get sweaty and dank. Besides the smell, these products are designed to ensure that you feel the most comfortable throughout every challenging day in the field.

    Explore Tactical Gear

    Our tactical tops, socks, and other base layer clothes aren’t the only high-quality products we have on offer. There’s an entire range from top brands in tactical gear manufacturing. In addition to our wide list of brands, we offer our very own LA Police Gear in-house brand, all designed with industry-leading quality for affordable prices.

    Ready to explore more inner layer clothing for your tactical gear? Here we have some of the best products in our catalog. Give them a try. 

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