Did you know that the TRU-SPEC name stands for 'True Specifications' and was inspired by the idea of meeting military specification? Every Tru-Spec item is engineered to meet strict military, law-enforcement and tactical standards, ensuring long-lasting performance from any gear branded with the TRU-SPEC name. The TRU-SPEC brand has provided public safety professionals and military personnel with quality, functional apparel since 1996. But its roots in the military and tactical field run much deeper. Tru-Spec's parent company, Atlanco, started as a military surplus distributor in 1950. As surplus supplies started to run out, Atlanco manufactured its own Atlanco brand of tactically-inspired clothing and equipment in the 1980s. By 1996, the TRU-SPEC brand was born and the company doubled down on its mission to arm elite operators with the most advanced, reliable equipment and apparel on the market today.

In today's tactical market, Tru-Spec apparel and gear is definitely a favorite with cops and soldiers, and also with LA Police Gear's customers.  These professionals especially like the Tru Spec tactical pants and combat shirts.  The TruSpec 24/7 Series line of tactical pants and tactical shirts is a direct result of Tru-Spec folks listening to the consumer and delivering what was sorely needed - quality tactical apparel that is versatile, rugged and comfortable, without forgoing all the necessary features required while on the job!  The 24/7 line has definitely been a huge hit with police officers. 

TruSpec also makes tactical jackets, shorts, caps and hats, BDU pants, combat shirts, tactical boots, tactical gear bags and backpacks. And just newly arrived on the scene are the Tru-Spec 24/7 Series Xpedition pants and the TruSpec 24/7 Ascent pants, which are flying off LAPG's shelves!

Thousands of police, firefighters, EMTs and military personnel use and depend on Tru-Spec's products daily. And LA Police Gear is proud to be an authorized dealer for Tru-Spec.

TRU-SPEC Tactical Pants