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Tru-Spec is one of the leading suppliers of tactical and outdoor gear, specializing in a range of products designed for law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, military, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone in need of high-performance apparel, uniforms, bags, and equipment.

24-7 Series: Tru-Spec's 24-7 series is a line of clothing designed for everyday wear by professionals such as law enforcement officers and security personnel, both on and off duty. These garments are built for comfort and versatility and include pants, shirts, and outerwear. The 24-7 series is known for its durable materials, functional pockets, and a wide range of color and pattern options, making it suitable for various environments.

Uniforms: Tru-Spec produces a variety of tactical uniforms, including their T.R.U. (Tactical Response Uniforms) and BDUs for military and law enforcement personnel. These uniforms are engineered for durability, comfort, and functionality, featuring ripstop fabric, reinforced stitching, and specialized pockets for carrying essential gear. They are available in camouflage patterns or solid colors to suit different operational needs.

Bags & Packs: Tru-Spec offers a selection of tactical backpacks and bags designed for rugged use. These packs are crafted from high-quality materials, providing durability and resistance to harsh conditions. They come in various sizes and configurations, making them suitable for carrying gear, equipment, and supplies for missions or outdoor adventures.

Outdoor Gear: Tru-Spec's product range extends beyond tactical gear and includes outdoor apparel and equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. This gear includes hiking pants, moisture-wicking shirts, outerwear, paracord, survival gear, and other accessories designed to withstand the elements and provide comfort during outdoor activities.