Trauma First Aid Kits

Trauma First Aid Kits

Trauma and major life-threatening injuries are bound to happen when you are serving as security guards, police, military, and first responder. It often happens when you are in a combat and get in the range of fire from the enemies. No matter how professional and skillful you are at handling such tactical situations, you never know when an unfortunate event happens to you or somebody on your team. For that reason, it is really important to have trauma first aid kits ready with you so that immediate first aid can be provided and life-threatening situations can be effectively dealt with. These kits come with just about everything you might need for saving lives whether it is bandages, trauma dressings, or trauma scissors. Complete your tactical gear with the best trauma first aid kits from the best brands around and make sure you have adequate medical help available when you need it the most.

Trauma first aid kits are made to help you survive those major injuries, particularly life-threatening ones, keeping you alive and breathing until proper medical care is available. They can help you survive in situations where a doctor and/or hospital might be needed. These kits usually contain items like PPE (mask, gloves, eye protection), NPA, OPA, small pocket mask, trauma scissors, a couple of tourniquets (CAT, SWAT-T), chest decompression equipment, a couple of trauma dressings, a few hemostatic dressings, 2-3 open chest seal (Hyfin, Bolin, Asherman), 2” heavy duty tape like NARP Gecko tape, 4 roller gauze and compression bandages, and a personal care kit.

To help you get your hands at the best products around for your tactical gear, we bring you the best items from the best brands. We store brands like LA Police Gear, North American Rescue, Adventure Medical Kits, Elite First Aid, Inc., EMI, Israeli Medical Bandages, 5ive Star Gear, and Tactical Medical Solutions. You must be familiar with many of these names already and it is quite likely that you might already have a few items on your tactical gear from these top brands. In either case, you should buy the trauma first aid kits from these top manufacturers with full confidence and you’ll not be disappointed by the results you’ll get. The highest quality products on the first aid kits will keep you breathing until adequate medical help is available. So, just go through the options available and buy the best.

To give you an inside out look of the trauma first aid kits we have in store for you, check this LA Police Gear Pocket Trauma Pack which makes our best-selling product in this category and has received some great reviews too. It is, basically, a starter kit that features various basic supplies you’ll need in a tactical emergency. It is conveniently sized and can be carried with you easily anywhere you’re headed. The trauma pack brings you everything from Nitrile Gloves and conforming gauze to trauma pad and triangular bandage.

So, check out the products we have on our catalogue and pick one for your tactical gear that fulfills all your requirements. You’re definitely going to find the best trauma first aid kits for your needs.