CDCR Uniforms


There are many professions that require specific uniforms and accompanying duty gear.  Of course, the type of uniform you require is dependent on your actual profession.  And certain professions, such as law enforcement, require specific uniform pants, uniform shirts, tactical boots, specific uniform jackets and outerwear, and even specific uniform socks.  And that's just for starters. Then comes all the specific tactical gear required for police officers on and off duty. 

As of today, L.A. Police Gear leads the law enforcement uniforms market in supplying Law Enforcement agencies, military, safety professionals, first responders, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts with all their specific uniform apparel as well as a very wide and diverse collection of brand name duty gear and uniform accessories. 

LA Police Gear proudly serves the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) with all their uniform and duty gear.   CDCR Parole Officers, Correctional Officers, Correctional Safety Officers, members of the Crisis Response Team and the Gang Task Force put their lives on the line every day to  enhance public safety through safe and secure incarceration of offenders, with effective parole supervision, and rehabilitative strategies to successfully reintegrate offenders into our communities.  

Whether members of the CDCR need Class A police uniforms - the 'dress uniform' of law enforcement officers which is required for specific receptions such as promotions, funerals and special events - or Class B uniforms - 'duty uniforms' which is required for on-the-job duties and features more of a comfortable but durable, tactical fit - LA Police Gear carries all the product lines that fulfill the CDCR's uniform needs and requirements.

The 5.11 Tactical CDCR Long Sleeve Duty Shirt and the 5.11 Tactical CDCR Short Sleeve Duty Shirt are just two of the many CDCR duty uniform shirt options we offer at LAPG. Crafted with a durable and professional PDU ripstop fabric, and finished with a Teflon coating, the CDCR 5.11 Line Duty shirt was built to last!  And we offer these duty uniform shirts in both long-sleeve, short-sleeve, a range of sizes and a range of colors as per CDCR uniform requirements.  

The CDCR uniform duty pants requirements include both LA Police Gear's Urban Ops Tactical Pants and LA Police Gear's Operator Tactical Pants.  These duty uniform pants have taken over the tactical uniform pant market with a storm!  Favored 5 to 1 by law enforcement professionals, the LAPG Tactical Pants line offers more comfort, more pockets - 8 pockets! - and way more maneuverability with a breathable, fade-resistant, durable polyester and cotton rip-stop fabric blend.  

But wait! There's more! Finish off your uniform will all the best tactical gear and more duty uniform accessories.  L.A. Police Gear offers you endless options for uniform boots and tactical shoes like Danner Boots and Bates Boots.  Plus LAPG carries an extensive line of brand-name duty gear like holsters, flashlights, Benchmade knives and Cold-Steel knives, ASP batons, body armor, medical kits and so much more! 

LA Police Gear is here to assist you with all your uniform apparel and all duty gear.  Our very helpful staff members are standing by and ready to answer all your uniform questions and concerns.