Holster Accessories

Holster Accessories

Holsters play a great part in keeping your tactical gear securely tucked in when you are out and about doing your duties. They find their application in all sorts of tactical settings whether you are security guards, police, military or first responder. Whether you buy pocket holsters or MOLLE holsters or just any other type, you also need a range of holster accessories for added utility and function. You need to be on top of things when managing your stuff and these accessories, built with highest quality materials, help you a lot everywhere. There are some of the sturdiest and most useful products available in the market and almost all the top tactical gear manufacturers bring you these accessories today. From drop leg gas masks and magazine pouches to low-ride universal belt loops and drop leg platforms, there are all sorts of items available and they all come in handy for a range of applications.

The holster accessories available today can be divided into three major sub-categories including drop leg platforms, holster attachment kits, and other misc holster accessories. They all have their own specific use and each category can have a range of different products covered in it as well. For instance, if you talk about drop leg platforms, here you can find everything from magazine pouches and gas masks to MultiCam platforms and much more. All these items can have a range of different uses in the tactical settings and must be part of your tactical gear so that you can have everything handy when performing your duties in the remote settings.

At LA Police gear, we bring you just about everything from the world’s top brands for your tactical gear and the holster accessories are not an exception. Some of the finest brands we have in store include 5.11 Tactical, Safariland, Galco, Blackhawk, Condor Tactical, Bianchi, PHLster, High Speed Gear, Tactical Tailor, Diamondhead, Uncle Mike’s, Eleven 10, 5ive Star Gear, Mil-SPEC Monkey, Surefire Flashlights, Tagua Gunleather, and Zak Tool. They are all manufacturing some of the highest quality holster accessories built with the finest materials possible. They aren’t just sturdy and long lasting, but are quite functional at the same time as well. Decide what’s lacking on your tactical gear and which brand you’d like to go with and make your pick right away.

Among the best-sellers on our catalogue, here we have this Safariland 6075UBL Low-Ride Universal Belt Loop that will make quite a useful addition to your tactical gear. It won’t put pressure on your hip bone and will not pinch either. Just lock it onto your duty belt and attach almost any holster to it with its 3-hole pattern. It is sturdy and long lasting, and has been rated highly by our valued customers. You can buy with trust and it will serve the purpose best.

Interested in finding out more holster accessories? Start exploring our products catalogue now! There are hundreds of accessories on our catalogue and they are all worthy of being on your tactical gear too.