Pet First Aid Kits

Pet First Aid Kits

We all love our pets, right? But have you ever considered buying pet first aid kits? Yes, you can take your pet to a vet whenever needed but there are times when you need to give them a quick initial treatment. For instance, when you are out and about on camping trip or when you are in police, military, first responder and security guards and have to carry your duty dogs with you, it is important to have these kits on your tactical gear. An infection, insect bite, or otherwise sick pet needs immediate medical attention and you can only give that to your little friend when you are equipped with the right kind of first aid supplies and first aid tools to do that. There are many top manufacturers in the industry that are making pet first aid kits and you should buy one for your pet too. It will pay off soon for sure.

The pet first aid kits make an essential item to carry for those responsible pet owners. These first aid kits can be helpful in doing everything from routine tick removals to taking care of the insect bites. And, obviously, you need them to render emergency treatments to your pets. A typical kit will have hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointment, gauze, tape, scissors, rubber gloves, grooming or wet wipes, a blanket or a towel, collapsible water bowls and travel food, and water and treat packages. As a responsible pet owner, you should also have your pet’s medical and vaccination records in the first aid kit along with some emergency phone numbers to be used when required.

Recognizing the importance of pet first aid kits, we have put everything you need for your pet on our catalogue. When you skim through the products here at LA Police Gear, you can find the best medical treatments possible for your pets from world’s best manufacturers including Adventure Medical Kits and North American Rescue. Both these manufacturers have been serving the industry since ages and they have helped us with all types of tactical gear and first aid supplies let alone these pet first aid kits. You can find just about everything here depending on your specific needs and you won’t be disappointed with the quality of the products either.

One of our best selling products is the Adventure Medical Kits Adventure Dog Series, Trail Dog that provides you with the most comprehensive medical solutions you might need for your trail pet. The medical kit caters to all the different types of injuries that dogs might encounter when on the trail. It includes a range of dressings and bandages along with the tools like splinter picker/tick removers that can help remove any ticks, thorns as well as pesky fox tails. Check out the product page for more details on the product and you will surely find it worthy of your tactical gear.

Ready to explore our products catalogue? Find out some of the most useful pet first aid kits and keep yourself prepared for all sorts of situations.