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Safariland is steeped in a rich heritage in the law enforcement and sporting communities. They’re well-recognized for their popular products and known for their quality and innovation. 

The people of Safariland live the company values, innovation, legacy, excellence and performance every day. They empower everyone in the company to research, design, engineer and deliver the best products to the very people that protect us.

Safariland continues to live these values by looking for the most recent innovations to add to their product lines. They know it’s critical to protect the security professionals, military service members and law enforcement in their communities so they can continue to keep us safe.

Safariland’s SAVES CLUB® has honored and chronicled over 2,100 public safety professionals saved by their products. The employees of Safariland are proud of everything they do and who they do it for, and they continue to use their legacy to guide and scale the company. Safariland pledges to create the best products for its customers.

Just about every military force and police agency in the world uses Safariland products. The company uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to always stay ahead of its competitors and the customers’ expectations. All their holsters include the Safariland ALS systems that make them the most-used holster by law enforcement officers in history.

LAPG has carried Safariland products for a long time and can attest to how popular it is for patrol officers and SWAT teams. Safariland is also the most popular brand of Duty and Tactical holsters by foreign governments and specialized military/police units. 

Safariland holsters provide enhanced retention while still allowing officers to draw their holsters quickly. The ALS holster locking system prevents others from being able to remove the holster or a gun from it in a fight. This feature is vital to both officer and civilian safety.

LAPG carries a large inventory of the most common Safariland items. Drop leg holsters are one of the most popular items, and they are always in stock. If you’re a government agency member or agency purchasing officer and need to make a large PO for Safariland Brand products, please email LA Police Gear’s customer service.