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Tactical Jackets

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Tactical jackets are critical gear for many people in a variety of careers and activities. We understand that when the weather gets cold, you need a jacket that protects you from the elements and can withstand the toughest conditions. You want a jacket that’s functional as well as stylish. 

Military and police apparel inspire the design for many of these jackets, but other people wear them, too—from hunters to hikers to construction workers. People love these coats because they are tougher than other jackets and have handy pockets to hold the tools you need so you can reach them conveniently. 

Brands craft these jackets for mission-focused people. First responders and law enforcement officers find these jackets help keep them organized. So, you have the gear you need close when you need it. Whatever your mission is, our tactical coats will help you complete it, whether that’s hunting in the woods or working on patrol. These jackets can stand up to the challenge even if you’re on a battlefield. 

We carry tactical jackets made by popular brands such as 5.11 Tactical, Oakley, First Tactical, TRU-SPEC and more. These companies are well-known for their incredible, reliable products, so they meet high-quality standards. You’ll find we carry some of the best tactical jackets on the market. No everyday coat can match the functionality and performance of a tactical jacket. 

The Magpul Reversible Tech Logger Shacket is one of our best sellers. It’s reversible so you can wear either the inside flannel or nylon side facing out, depending on the weather and what you’re doing. This jacket looks good on and has plenty of pockets—hand pockets, laminated chest pockets and zippered chest pockets. 

The stateside articulation allows full range of motion and unrestricted movement, which makes it easier for you to work. The Logger Shacket has an athletic fit and lets you carry concealed easily. It’s made with Everest Nylon/Spandex Double Weave with Primaloft Gold Active 60gsm Synthetic Insulation, so you remain warm without being weighed down by a heavy coat. These jackets are perfect for cold climates and keep you warm while you work.

If you want the best tactical jackets out there, shop at LA Police Gear. We have many options to choose from so there is a coat for everyone. From sportier to professional-looking, our selection of tactical jackets allows you to choose the coat that has the features you need.