Wrist Lights

Wrist Lights

In remote locations, you often have a lot of different lighting needs. You need to light up your gazebos and camps, you need light to move around without getting into an accident, you need light to defend yourself against different types of unforeseen threats, and so on. But when you specifically have tactical needs, and you can’t have anything in your hands or on top of your head, your best option is to go with wrist lights. Yes, they come in handy in a variety of different situations and everyone from security guards and first responder to police and military can take advantage of these wonderful lights. Most of the wrist lights require a single flick of the wrist to activate and provide you with all the illumination you need. Don’t think that just because they are small wrist lights, they won’t produce high-quality light. The most modern makes and models come with the highest-quality LEDs and they do produce a perfect beam of light to illuminate the entire surroundings.

The most modern wrist lights usually contain LEDs alongside radio frequency receivers. There’s a software program to control these LEDs inside the wristbands. The software sends a signal to instruct the wristband to either blink or light up. There are some other models that can be manually lighted up as well. So, you need to figure out what suits your needs best and then choose accordingly.

We, at LA Police Gear, have always tried our best to bring you the finest quality products for your tactical gear no matter what you are looking for. In case of wrist lights as well, we don’t leave you struggling with the basic models as we store the finest products from the best manufacturer around, Surefire Flashlights. Surefire has been the pioneer in manufacturing high-intensity, compact flashlights and weapon lights and it didn’t even falter with its stint with a whole new category i.e. the wrist lights. There are a couple of distinct models and you can use the high-performance LEDs for generating a blinding beam of white light that can effectively overwhelm the vision of an aggressor. Besides, they can help you get enough illumination for clearly identifying the close range threats. Made to the same size as your typical sports watches, these wrist lights can be activated easily and you can strap them securely to the wrist of your support-hand.

For getting a closer feel at what you can expect from these Surefire wrist lights, have a look at Surefire 2211x 300 Lumen Compact Wrist Light. With its dual-output, virtually indestructible LEDs, it can produce different amount of illumination on low and high setting allowing you to get just enough for your specific needs. The design of the wrist light is such that the beam can be projected directly onto the aggressors when you are wearing it on your support-hand and there’s a pistol in your hands with conventional two-handed grip. There’s a lot more to discover about this wonderful product and it makes a perfect choice for your tactical gear.

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