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Since 1999, in Waco, Texas, Red Rock Outdoor Gear has been producing ghillie suits and camouflage netting, as well as an endless array of tactical bags and sporting bags.  The Red Rock Outdoor Gear folks have learned over many years that producing great tactical gear is about understanding and receiving feedback on how their customers are using the Red Rock Outdoor Gear brand products.

Our LA Police Gear customers seem to really prefer the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack over similar items of many other brands.  Manufactured specifically with law enforcement professionals, military members, first responders, hunters and avid outdoorsmen input, the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack not only has an endless count of pockets and storage, but even when it's stuffed to the brim with all your tactical gear, it still has a very comfortable fit. And if you don't use up all the volume in the Assault Pack, you can cinch it down with the compression straps on three sides, reducing weight and tightening your load.  One of our LAPG staff members purchased the Red Rock Assault Pack for a camping trip, and was amazed at how much volume it contained. In fact, he added even more gear than he planned due to the expanding compartments. 

When it comes to some of the best tactical gear, you definitely want to look at the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack.  This is Red Rock's most popular conceal-carry pack.  The Rover Sling Pack is equipped with ambidextrous straps for fast access and easy closure. For all the tactical operators out there, a concealed-carry sleeve sits on the back panel of the bag and comfortably holds a firearm, with super easy access.  With three large storage compartments to hold all your tactical gear like first aid kits, ammunition and survival gear, you won't need to leave anything behind.  

LA Police Gear carries the full range of Red Rock Outdoor Gear.  All the products are in stock and ready to ship out to you right away!