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  • Plate Carriers and Tactical Vest Accessories

    Staying safe in the field requires a lot of gear, so when you need plate carrier accessories, trust LA Police Gear to provide you with a variety of options. Our plate carrier attachments are designed to help keep you comfortable when you have hard body armor on, so you can go confidently into any situation. From cummerbunds to equipment hangers, our collection of plate carrier accessories has what you need. 


    Keeping You Safe

    If you’re wearing body armor, chances are you work in a pretty dangerous field. Plate carrier accessories are crucial in helping your gear fit properly and stay secure. If you’re in the line of fire or in any hostile situation, you should never doubt your protective equipment, and plate carrier attachments can help give you peace of mind. 

    At LA Police Gear, we know what you need to ensure your safety in the field. A stray bullet, explosion, or anything unexpected can injure you or kill you, so we only provide you with plate carrier accessories we would trust in the line of duty. 

    Get the Latest 

    At LA Police Gear, we’re always updating our inventory with the latest designs and updates in tactical gear. Whether you need tactical boots or some new plate carrier attachments, our team knows what you need. We carry the best brands in the industry and also have our own line of gear, so you can always find what you’re looking for at a great price. 

    Explore more from LA Police Gear and update your equipment closet today! You should never be using outdated or old protective equipment, no matter your profession. So, explore our plate carrier accessories and more today at LA Police Gear!

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