Gear Bags

At LA Police Gear, we understand the importance of reliable gear, and our collection of Gear Bags reflects our commitment to quality and functionality. Whether you're a first responder, an outdoor enthusiast, a prepared citizen, or a professional on the go, our selection of Gear Bags ensures you're equipped with the highest quality gear carriers.

Bail Out/Bug Out Bags: When unexpected situations arise, be prepared with our Bail Out/Bug Out Bags. Designed for quick evacuation and emergency scenarios, these bags feature strategic compartments and durable materials, allowing you to pack essentials efficiently and move swiftly when every second counts. These extremely versatile bags can also be used as diaper bags, mechanic bags, range bags, or anything else you can think of.

EMT Bags: For those in the medical field, our EMT Bags provide the perfect blend of organization and accessibility. With specialized compartments for medical supplies, these bags are crafted to keep your essential equipment secure and easily accessible, ensuring you're ready to rapidly respond effectively in critical situations.

Patrol Bags: Stay organized and ready for duty with our Patrol Bags. Ideal for law enforcement professionals, these bags offer a range of storage options for your daily essentials. From paperwork to tactical gear, these bags are designed to keep you prepared and focused on the task at hand.

Range Bags: Take your shooting experience to the next level with our Range Bags. Featuring dedicated pockets for firearms, magazines, and accessories, these bags are essential for any avid shooter. Keep your gear organized and transport it to the range with ease, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable shooting experience.