Fire Starters

Fire Starters

As you venture into great outdoors, fire starters make the most valuable resources to have with you alongside a fresh water supply and a fixed blade knife. Obviously, you could use matches and a lighter in most favorable conditions, but carrying the fire starters in your tactical gear is always recommended as well. When your lighter runs out of butane and the matches gets wet in inclement weather, such tools turn out to be handy for cooking food, keeping yourself warm in the cold weather conditions, and even for signaling for help. So, before you leave for the next outdoor excursion, make sure that you carry the best fire tools with you. Even police, military, security guards, and first responder teams can find these handy tools useful for their specific needs in a variety of different settings. They really can be true life-savers in many tactical situations where you don’t have many other options to light fire and keep yourself safe against weather effects and to cook yourself some food for survival.

Fire starters are lighting mechanisms that come in handy in a range of different scenarios where you are in urgent need of lighting fire with no conventional options available. They usually have an extremely sharp striker made of tungsten carbide and placed inside the waterproof anodized aluminum body of the device which contains lots of space to stash some additional fire starting tinder too. Even though it’s just an accessory, almost all the major manufacturers in the industry have their products on the market. In fact, you will have to do a bit of digging to come across the right product that won’t act up when you need it the most. The best option you have is to buy from the trusted brands only that have a longstanding reputation as a tactical gear manufacturer.

Fortunate for you, here at LA Police Gear, we have the biggest collection of fire starters and other tactical products and we make sure that you only get items from the world’s best manufacturers here. We store products from top brands including LA Police Gear, 5ive Star Gear, Coghlan’s, Gerber, NDuR Survival Equipment, SOG, TRU-SPEC, Windmill Lighters, and Zippo. All these brands have been trusted in the market and their products are widely used by those in military and the law enforcement. So, you can always trust them for the quality of the products.

To start with, here’s our recommendation – the NDUR Survival Equipment Utility Flame Gel – 2 Pack. It is inexpensive, lightweight, and safe to carry even in the aircrafts. The product is quite versatile and has unlimited uses as well. You can use it to boil water, prepare hot MREs, offer emergency sterilization, heat your coffee cup, or even dry your wet clothing. Whatever the need, it will serve you without fail.

In fact, it’s not the only product we have on our products catalogue and you can find plethora of options here for your tactical gear. Check out other fire starters on our catalogue now and you’re surely going to find yourself a perfect match.