Gifts For Survivalists

LA Police Gear has the best gifts for survivalists. If your family focuses on being prepared for anything, we have the presents every survivalist wants or needs. 

To always be ready for anything, many survivalists create bail out bags. We have the perfect bags to stock with the essentials so your prepper is prepared. LA Police Gear also carries a bail out gear bag that has accessory pockets for gun magazines and other tools, and there’s a pocket for a full-size gun. Use the zippered side pocket for your passport, wallet and keys.

Food and water are the two most critical necessities for life, and stockpiling both is important. ReadyWise 60 Serving Entrée Grab and Go Bucket is a must-have for any prepper. The food comes in stackable buckets and a grab and go handle, making it easy to stash and carry. Don’t worry about eating the same entrée back to back because there’s plenty of variety. We also have collapsible, 2-gallon water bags that store flat when not in use. 

Another great gift for survivalists is the ReadyWise Survival Backpack that includes a first aid kit, 32 servings of food, a portable stove, an emergency blanket and more. It even has playing cards to help pass the time if you’re locked down. We’ve thought of everything, including gas masks and filters.

LA Police Gear is sure to have the perfect gift for the survivalist on your list so they’re prepared for any emergency situation.