Medical Patches

Medical Patches

When you serve in the military, police, security guards, and first responder teams, what’s your best choice to be recognized where you belong? Ask this question to anyone in the law enforcement or a first responder squad and they will have one single answer – Patches. Yes, they are the obvious choice for those doing tactical duties. However, your tactical gear can have all the different types of patches like medical patches, morale patches, flag patches, and even department patches. And if you are specifically looking for something for the first responders and medical staff, then you should go with the medical patches that are available in a wide variety today. There are many useful patches available today both for the rescuers and for the soldiers that will help them in many ways while they are doing their duties in a tactical situation. And, these patches are manufactured by all the top brands in the industry which means you never have to worry at all about the quality of these products.

Medical patches can include anything from the medic sign to the blood types engraved on a fabric which can be ironed-on, or attached otherwise, to your uniform. You can even find keychain-style alternatives that can be attached to your clothes, belts, etc. in so many different ways. The idea behind these patches is to ensure that whenever you are injured in a combat or rescue operation, you have your blood group mentioned on you so that the rescuers can give you the right dose you need without any delays. Even if you are unable to tell them what blood type you have, they’d automatically know that and will save your life. Besides, affixing a medic patch on to your shirt will easily help everyone identify you as a rescuer and you can do your duties without fail in the most challenging of circumstances.

Whenever you are out in the market to buy something for your tactical gear, you want to make sure that you buy the best product from the best brand. So, why not have the same experience buying online right here at LAPG. We bring you all the top brands right here in a single place. Our selection of products hails from industry’s top manufacturers with the likes of LA Police Gear, 5.11 Tactical, 5ive Star Gear, Blackhawk, Condor, Eleven 10, Hazard 4, High Speed Gear, Maxpedition, Mil-Spec Monkey, RATS Medical, Rothco, and Voodoo Tactical. So, if you are interested in buying medical patches from any of these top brands, we have got you covered.

Before you start looking through our products catalogue, check out our best-selling Hazard 4 Blood Type Lacer 2-Pack that is made with the 3d injection-moulded rubber and is a top choice among the law enforcement. It is far more durable compared to any traditional solution out there and can’t be scratched off or wiped off. Even most solvents won’t be able to dissolve it either making it a perfect choice for those on tactical missions.

There are many other amazing medical patches available on our products catalogue. Check out all the options and pick one for your tactical gear now!