Tactical Sweatshirts, Pullovers & 1/4 Zips

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Style and fashion has no bounds. You can be stylish even when you are performing the most challenging jobs of the world like first responder, security guards, police and military jobs. However, you need to make the right picks for your tactical gear as far as your clothing is concerned. Sweatshirts make one of the most stylish outfit choices for individuals serving in all these fields. These shirts don’t just look cool and stylish, but they also offer great utility and function too. Obviously, in slightly cold weather conditions you need something that keeps you warm enough to keep your body moving perfectly and to induce sweating at times. Nothing can serve that purpose better than the sweatshirts from world’s top manufacturers. And, we offer all that on the same platter.

The sweatshirts or Pullover & 1/4 Zips refer to loose, collarless, long-sleeved pullovers made with soft and absorbent fabrics like cotton jersey. They come with a close-fitting and often feature elastic cuffs. Sometimes, there is a drawstring around the waist as well. Part of most modern tactical gear, the sweatshirts are usually worn during the athletic activity for providing warm and inducing sweating. Security guards and first responder teams often use this type of clothing too, both when they are on job and in their casual routine as well.

LA Police Gear is your one stop shop for all the stuff you need for your tactical gear and sweatshirts are no exception. Here we store world’s best brands including 5.11 Tactical, Under Armour, Oakley, Arc’teryx, Condor Tactical, Cannae Pro Gear, Nine Line Apparel and T-shirts, Rothco, TRU-SPEC, Utility Pro, and XGO. Yes, you can’t really find all these brands in one place anywhere else. So, what that means is you can find the highest quality tactical sweatshirts on our catalogue as these brands are known for just that – the best in class tactical gear manufacturing. No matter what your specific requirements may be, we have something special to offer you.

Have a look at our best-seller sweatshirt, the Arc’teryx Naga Hoody Gen 2. It is not just the best product to have on any tactical gear, but it also makes a perfect choice for everyday use as well. Its comfortable design is made to assist you in getting full motion range and there are many other handy features built into it as well. For instance, the low-profile hood cleanly sits against the neck while the collar is built into it to offer protection. With quarter zip, it offers better ventilation as well.

You are no short of options when it comes to sweatshirts and Pullover & 1/4 Zips on our catalogue. There is everything worthy of your tactical gear on offer and we make sure that you get the best from the best brands of the world. To explore our catalogue further, start with these top-selling products we have in store.