Stop The Bleed

Stop The Bleed

Whenever you are faced with an emergency situation and you have to stop the bleed out, it’s important that you are equipped with the right kind of tactical gear to stop the bleed. Your endeavors as an outdoor enthusiast, first responder, security guards, police, or military operative often put you at risk of sustaining a serious injury. Whether it’s a bullet shot tearing your muscles apart, a dagger wound, or any other type of injury that has caused the bleeding, with the right kind of first aid equipment and supplies, you should be able to tackle the situation effectively and avoid major loss. Whenever there is excessive bleeding, it can lead to life threatening outcomes and, therefore, instant first aid is necessary. For that, your tactical gear must be equipped with the right kind of stop the bleed supplies.

When you want to stop the bleed, a range of first aid supplies can come in handy. You might need the compressed gauze, CAT tourniquet, rolled gauze, stretch-wrap-and-tuck tourniquet, trauma dressing, HyFin chest seal, and a range of other supplies and tools. It is important that you only buy these first aid supplies from the top manufacturers around in order to help yourself stay safe against a bigger loss. In fact, it is not just about you, but these supplies can be used for saving a life whenever you see someone around you has sustained a serious injury and you need to stop the bleed before they could be taken to a medical facility for proper treatment. Your initial first aid can help save their life.

Whatever the case, we bring you the finest products from world’s top manufacturers and you must have them on your tactical gear. Here at LA Police Gear, we store brands like North American Rescue, Elite First Aid, Inc., H&H Medical, RATS Medical, Tactical Medical Solutions, Israeli Medical Bandages, Celox, Adventure Medical Kits, SWAT-T, 5ive Star Gear, and QuikClot. They have all built a reputation of bringing the finest first aid supplies and tactical gear that can be a real life savior in those tactical settings. Whether you are an avid camper or you are doing your job in police or military, these brands have your back when it comes to your specific tactical needs. So, just start your product search and make the best picks.

The North American Rescue CAT Tourniquet is one of our best-selling products and it is also a must-have for your first aid box. It is an official stop the bleed accessory used by the US Military and that shows how effective it must be in saving lives in the battlefield. It can completely occlude blood flow through upper as well as lower extremities and comes equipped with a range of features that will definitely make it a must-have for your tactical gear.

This is just the start and there are so many different stop the bleed items out there which can be used in all sorts of emergencies. Start looking and equip your tactical gear with them.