The Monadnock brand has rich history of pioneering state-of-the-art American-made batons and training aids that has defined the way law enforcement professionals operate, train with and purchase batons for more than half a century.  Monadnock's heritage and expertise focuses on their primary objective of providing the highest quality products to the men and women who depend on them every day.

L.A. Police Gear carries a wide range of Monadnock Batons.  One of our big sellers is the Monadnock AutoLock 22" Expandable Tactical Baton.  The AutoLock Baton features patented AutoLock technology with a newly designed cam and stainless steel ball bearing which improves the locking action and baton stability.  

Monadnock Batons are almost always kept IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP! Monadnock Batons are made with only the best materials and craftsmanship, ensuring proper tension and grip for effective defense of the peace. There's a reason Monadnock products are the preferred choice of law enforcement professionals around the world - they simply build their products better!