Aker Leather Holsters

When Kamuran Aker first came to America, he dreamed of continuing his craft of leather manufacturing.  Originally a belt, shoe, and handbag maker, Mr. Aker made it his purpose to turn his attention and unique leather crafting detail and style into the law enforcement market. Because of his detailed craftmanship, Aker started gaining the reputation and trust of law enforcement agencies across California and the Southwest.  Today, the Aker Leather brand, both their on-duty and off-duty gear, is depended on by law enforcement agencies across the nation. 

Aker Leather products are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality leather holsters, belts, and accessories. Aker's commitment to their craft, which is designed and manufactured in the USA, is readily apparent in the consistency of their quality products.  Everyone knows that leather products are made to last.  And leather products become more comfortable and reliable over time to suit their owner's needs.  That's why every product Aker makes is checked for a high level of quality which Aker demands and expects so that they can ensure your safety. 

No detail is overlooked! Every cut of leather, every cut vegetable-tanned, every heavy duty nylon bond stitch made, and even the solid brass screws, rivets and buckles are exquisitely hand molded. Police departments across the nation, including Los Angeles Sheriff Department, LAPD, California Highway Patrol use Aker leather products and Aker leather holsters.  Federal agencies such as Border Patrol, DHS/ICE and the FBI choose and wear Aker Holsters. 

The handcuff case is an essential part of every officer's duty belt.  The case needs to function yet remain discreet, but must be immediately available when a suspect is apprehended and restraint is necessary.  At LA Police Gear, the Aker Open Top Hinged Handcuff Case fits the bill on all these requirements.  This case is comfortable and secure, and the attention to detail makes this handcuff case a showpiece! 

In police work, additional firepower is ALWAYS a necessity, and when extra rounds are needed, you need them quickly!  LAPG carries Aker magazine holders for your duty belt to accommodate most 1911 or double stack magazines.  Each holder is molded specifically to the magazine size so that you can be reassured your magazine is snug and secure. In a variety of looks from plain to basketweave, and from speed loader cases to quad magazine pouches, Aker lightweight leather magazine carriers are hand-made with focused attention on every detail so that you don't have to worry at all! 

Aker Duty Gear and Aker Holsters are the top choice for all law enforcement officers because we all need reliability and quality products to protect our nation and our men and women that serve!  And as an authorized dealer, LA Police Gear carries the full Aker Leather line!