North American Rescue Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT)

Item Code: CAT
  • Includes reinforced windlass
  • Single Routing Buckle
  • Occludes blood flow in both upper & lower extremities
  • Official Tourniquet of the US Military.
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    TheCAT Tourniquet (Combat Application Tourniquet) utilizes a durable windlass system with a patented free-moving internal band providing true circumferential pressure to the extremity. Once adequately tightened, bleeding will cease and the windlass is locked into place. A hook and loop windlass retention strap is then applied, securing the windlass to maintain pressure during casualty evacuation. The CAT Tourniquets unique dual securing system avoids the use of screws and clips which can become difficult to operate under survival stress or where fine motor skills are compromised.

    Please Note: The blue variant is for training purposes.


        • Official Tourniquet of the US Military.
        • Proven to be 100 effective in occluding blood flow in both upper and lower extremities
        • New single routing buckle for faster application, decreased blood loss, effective slack removal, fewer windlass turns and simplified training with single protocol application standards
        • Includes reinforced windlass, stabilization plate, windlass clip and writeable windlass security strap CAT Tourniquets.
        • Featuring NAR's signature red tip technology elliptical tab providing added visual clues during application
        • Reinforced windlass rod with increased diameter for enhanced strength and aggressive ribbing for improved grip
        • Bilateral windlass clip for rapid windlass lock and bilateral buttress for added strength
        • Enhanced windlass strap changed to tactical gray and sonic welded to clip for constant contact providing safe windlass security and a place to document the application time
        • Reinforced stabilization plate with beveled contact bar helps the CAT Tourniquets work better.
        • Signature red elliptical tip (Red Tip Technology) provides visual cue during application
        • Patented free-moving internal band for true evenly distributed circumferential pressure
        • Designed to perform in all weather conditions


        • Available Colors: Black, Orange, Blue (Training Model)
        • Open Length: 37.5"
        • Weight: 2.7 oz.
    WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

    Reviews / Q&A

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