5.11 Tactical Jackets

Today’s tactical jacket serves many purposes. It protects you from inclement weather, contains pockets to hold the gear you need so it’s easily accessible and includes features that help you while you’re in the field. 

But it’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to choose the right jacket for you because there are so many options on the market. You don’t want to purchase just any tactical jacket. You want one that suits your needs.  So, it’s important to keep all the features of a tactical jacket in mind when searching for the right one. 

5.11 Tactical has the jackets you need for inclement weather, especially if your job requires you to work outside in the elements. At LA Police Gear, you’ll find a variety of 5.11 Tactical outerwear, including 5.11 Tactical jackets, 5.11 Tactical vests and 5.11 Tactical parkas. 

Law enforcement officers and other first responders everywhere love the 5.11 Tactical brand. That’s because the company designed each coat for durability, comfort and flexibility to move the way you need to. They’re practical and functional with many great features. Whether you’re on a tactical mission or policing the streets, 5.11 jackets will keep you warm and dry in the snow, rain and freezing temperatures.

5.11 Tactical is committed to the first responder and public safety community, and they strive to make the best products for them. They’ve expanded their women’s clothing category to include undercover clothing, fitness apparel, uniforms and more.

5.11 Tactical jackets come in a full line of required duty wear, including covert CCW capabilities to help you on the job or off. One of their most innovative ideas was offering a modular jacket that fits multiple needs. You no longer need to carry a different coat for protection in different weather. The 5-in-1 modular coats protect in snow, rain or freezing temperatures because they have multiple layers that can be removed or added depending on the weather. 

Whether you’re a police officer, firefighter, avid outdoorsman, security professional, competitive shooter or any other first responder, there’s a 5.11 jacket for you. So check out our large selection of 5.11 Tactical jackets. We’re confident you’ll find the right one for you.