5.11 Tactical Accessories


When it comes to the details, 5.11 tactical stands heads above the others in the same market.  Constantly adapting to bring you the most superior and the most innovative accessories in the tactical industry, 5.11 tactical accessories keep you safe in some of the most extreme situations.  When you are in a very tense situation, the last thing you need to worry about is if your duty belt will hold up.  The custom buckle on the 5.11 tactical TDU 1.5 inch belt has been upgraded to have an even more secure fit, with a much flatter profile, making it extremely difficult for a suspect to grab your belt and your accessories from you.  

5.11 Tactical Accessories including duty belts, holsters, hats, pouches, ammo pouches, magazine pouches, pouch kits, caps, DVD's, and much more. 5.11 is taking over the tactical market with their hands in all the necessary duty gear and tactical equipment any law enforcement officer, EMS specialist, or any military member would require while on the job or in the field.  

And yes, there is even a line of 5.11 tactical socks.  The 5.11 tactical 6" socks, which comes in a convenient 3-pack, are specifically designed with multiple compression zones that work hand-in-hand with 5.11's Shock Mitigation System found in all the 5.11 tactical boots.  

It's good to know you can always depend on your accessories, because when you're saving lives, you know you can depend on quality, durable products that will get you through your day when accessibility is the last thing on your mind.