5.11 Tactical Shirts


At L.A. Police Gear, the extensive line of 5.11 Shirts we carry includes a wide range of styles and designs crafted to provide maximum reliability, comfort, and performance in a wide range of environments. From 511 tactical's world famous tactical shirts to their innovative concealed carry clothing, 5.11 shirts combine high grade materials, superior craftsmanship, and precision engineering for a final product that exceeds expectations across the board.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your TDU or you need a rugged and comfortable outfit for your next camping trip, you'll find a 5.11 tactical shirt with the features and quality you want at a price you can afford.  One of 5.11 tactical's most popular shirts is the 5.11 tactical utility short sleeve polo shirt.  And it seems this tactical polo is becoming one of the most preferred tactical shirts in the law enforcement, first responders and fire professionals industries.  Not only is the 5.11 tactical polo shirt designed for performance in a wide range of job environments, but its specific blend of materials add to ideal personal comfort all the while keeping you looking smart and stylish on the job.  

Most of the employees at LAPG love the feel of the 5.11 polo shirt.  It keeps them cool during the hottest days and believe us when we say it does a great job with moisture wicking so there are none of those unsightly underarm pit stains.  We find that when our staff wears the polos, they always look clean and professional on the job, no matter what their job is.  And the 5.11 tactical polo in long sleeve is perfect to wear on those day when the temperature refuses to rise. 

Tactical operators prefer the feel and performance of the 5.11 tactical Long Sleeve Shirts. Not only has 5.11 set the bar for what is now standard in tactical apparel, but with the introduction of the original long sleeve 511 tactical shirt, ease of motion and durability has become the norm for all of 5.11 tactical shirts, both long and short sleeve. With its moisture wicking innovations - again, no ugly pit stains - and high quality material, the 5.11 shirt keeps you looking professional every day, for as long as you'll own the shirt. 

LAPG was one of the first original authorized dealers for the entire line of 5.11 Tactical apparel and today we still are one of the biggest dealers worldwide. We absolutely stand behind the 5.11 brand because it's something we can hang our hat on.  Well, at least our shirts.