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5.11 Tactical Pants


5.11 Tactical is one of the most well-known brands out there, especially with law enforcement and security professionals. For the people behind the company, their mindset says it all. It’s impossible to predict what can happen at any given time, but we can prepare for the inevitable by wearing the right clothes, carrying the right gear and even having the right mindset. 5.11 Tactical is a favorite for law enforcement officers everywhere. That’s because 5.11 gear and clothing are with them whether they are on duty or off, in the U.S. or not or in cell range or out.  

The men and women of 5.11 Tactical live this motto every day, and no matter what happens, they push through it in spite of any fear they may feel. Their products ensure that you’re always ready for whatever comes your way. And their story all started with a pair of pants. 

In 1992, the FBI adopted the original 5.11 pants as its official training pants. The decades-long relationship still exists, and that’s when 5.11 decided to develop a more extensive line of law enforcement products in 2003. Their commitment to first responders and public safety drives them to continually develop new and better tactical equipment and clothing.  

Today, 5.11 Tactical pants are still the number one choice for law enforcement officers everywhere. The 5.11 Icon Pants,5.11 Apex Pants and 5.11 ABR Pro Pants  are some of our best sellers. 

LA Police Gear carries the best 5.11 tactical pants and other tactical clothing at an affordable price. We always keep a large selection of 5.11 pants in stock, and many employees wear them, too. 

5.11 pants are the foundation of the brand’s tactical clothing, and they design and manufacture them for mission-specific activities. They come with many patented features that you can only get with 5.11 Tactical pants. The company field tests their pants, so you know that each design comes backed by years of experience and feedback. 

LA Police Gear is also a trusted expert in duty and tactical gear, so each pair of tactical pants is guaranteed to meet your tactical needs. We don’t doubt that you’ll find the perfect pair of 5.11 pants for you. Also, don’t forget to check out our duty gear for tactical accessories made by the top tactical brands in the industry.