5.11 Tactical Bags and Packs

Choosing the right Tactical Backpack for your outdoor adventure

Picking a new backpack is tough, but we have you covered. Check out our great guide to figure out exactly what you need in a new tactical bag. 

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How to choose a tactical backpack


It doesn't matter whether you're packing for vacation, preparing for your next tactical mission, or spending a day target shooting, you either don't have enough bags and backpacks to hold all your items or you have closets full of bags that just don't fit all your needs.  That's why LA Police Gear recommends you take a serious look at the fantastic collection of 5.11 Tactical Bags and 5.11 tactical backpacks. And don't let the word 'Tactical' scare you.  That just means you'll be getting a product that is not only extremely durable, but there will be more pockets to stuff all your gear and equipment than you ever imagined.  Tactical also means these bags will be able to go anywhere and anytime, and will always hold up to constant usage without failing you!

Don't let anyone tell you size doesn't matter. Especially when it comes to the size of bag you need for your next adventure. Backpacks, such as the 5.11 Tactical RUSH 24 Backpack is a huge seller at LA Police Gear.  With it's durable, water-repellant coated fabric, and its roomy main storage area, you'll find additional large pockets for all your grab-and-go items - absolutely perfect for a day at the beach or hunting in the back woods. 

5.11 Backpacks provide constant reliability along with multifunctional storage and even certain transport options - all designed to excel in a wide range of operational and recreational settings.  With all the available pockets both inside and on the outside of each tactical bag, you will  be able to access all your supplies easily, especially when you're in a mission critical moment and your life-saving equipment is within easy reaching distance. From the 5.11 tactical precision-engineered rifle and pistol cases for the tactical operator, to their full line of modular, MOLLE-compatible web platform pouches, 5.11 uses premium quality materials and modern construction techniques to ensure maximum durability and reliability in any weather and across any terrain.

Each series of tactical gear bags and backpacks produced by 5.11 fulfills a specific role, from the support provided by the 5.11 AMP series to the comprehensive tactical and travel utility of their DC Roller. Whether you need rugged and reliable gear packs for your next hunting trip, or full-sized tactical bags for extended travel, 5.11 Tactical Bags and Backpacks give you the performance you need without slowing you down. Many of the 511 backpacks are water resistant, and are made from very tough material.