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First Aid

When you work in emergency response services, or spend a lot of time outdoors, you're going to encounter people with medical problems. Sometimes it's you or someone on your team, and other times it's a civilian who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. These wounds can't always wait for a hospital, so if you're in the field, make sure you have tactical medical supplies from LA Police Gear. These first aid dressings and tools are used by many EMTs and military doctors for quick treatment, and they're vital to have in the gear packs of police officers, firefighters, hunters and others who've heard the dreaded "man down".

Emergency medical treatment is one area where you can't afford to cut corners. But rest assured our low prices are on the best trauma supplies you can buy. We have an assortment of bandages, gauzes and dressings for covering scrapes, cuts and burns so they don't get infected. You can get green and camo bandages if the patient is remaining in the field and needs to remain unseen. Pick up alcohol, antiseptic pads and ointments while you're here for cleaning those wounds out. If someone has rolled an ankle or sprained a wrist, our ice packs and splints will reduce swelling and keep joints stable while they heal.

We're also the place to shop for treating more serious injuries. Order cheat seals for preventing penetrating wounds from bleed out, airway tubes to help people breath, ammonia inhalants to revive unconscious victims and tourniquets for tying off limbs. EMS trauma kits and adventure first aid kits have all of the essentials in a portable bag or pouch so you're prepared for anything. LA Police Gear even has preventative treatments such as our motion sickness tablets. Outfit an entire ambulance from our medical supply station or just pick up a few specific items you're running low on. Everything ships fast because we know that wounds need help fast.

First Aid

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