Tactical Medical Solutions


Tactical Medical Solutions Brand designs and manufactures some of the best tactical medical kits, tools and gear available. Tactical Medical Solutions creates exactly what their name implies, tactical solutions to medical problems. LA Police Gear is an authorized dealer for Tac Med Solutions and we stock a huge array of their top-ranked "Stop The Bleed" emergency medical kits. 

Tactical Medical Solutions has a superior-to-most competitors goal in that they want their customers to have better than what they didn't have! TacMed was founded in 2003 by a Special Forces Medic for tactical combat casualty care, and has since then greatly expanded into the law enforcement, fire, EMS, rescue, outdoor adventurers and civilian fields.  Today, Tactical Medical Solutions is a global leading developer and manufacturer of pre-hospital medical gear worldwide.  

To really be ready for your next mass casualty incident you should have a good handle on the various rescue scenarios you may face, and the appropriate category of gear you need to have at your disposal.  Some of these categories are : Stop the Bleed, Airway & Breathing, Narcan, Triage, hemorrhage control, tourniquets, OLAES Modular Bandage, QuikClot Combat Gauze LE, and QuikClot® Combat Gauze XL.  Celox, one of the many top brand items included in all the TacMed kits, is currently considered one of the top two hemostatic agents available according to a recent study conducted by the US Army Institute of Surgical Research.  

By staying ahead of the competition, and focusing on saving lives within a few seconds, Tactical Medical Solutions created the Rescue Craft brand, which combines mass casualty care and rescue with simple, fast and safe equipment that rescue personnel can have at the ready in seconds. And Tacmed now offers a large line of trauma kits for the every day citizen, where minor accidents happen in the home or in the workplace every day. So for little Johnny's scratched knee from playing rough on the playground, to mass casualty and crisis management, Tacmed has every product instantly ready and easy to use!