Elite First Aid, Inc.

Elite First Aid Inc.

Your personal safety and the safety of your loved ones is of utmost importance whenever you are out on a family trip camping and hunting in some remote area. Obviously, when you are out there in the wild, you can easily expect things to go wrong and you may be faced with any kind of unexpected circumstances. So, it is important that your tactical gear is equipped with all the necessary stuff that will keep you safe in those challenging times. The same goes for those who serve in military, police, first responder teams, and security guards. It is important to carry all the first aid supplies with you at all times so that any life-threatening injuries and accidents could be dealt with before it is too late. It is also important to buy stuff from a reputed brand so as to ensure the quality of the products being used and the first aid being rendered. Elite First Aid, Inc. is one name that’s been around for some time now and their first aid products have become a standard for use by the law enforcement, US Army, US Air Force, and more critical departments.

Elite First Aid, Inc. is a proud manufacturer of high-quality medical and first aid products. They have been operating since 1997 and produce a variety of trauma, medical and first aid kits. They also offer custom-built kits that match your specific needs. From complete Tactical trauma kits to individual products like gauze bandages, single alcohol isopropyl pads, providone-iodine pads, antiseptic pads, elastic bandages, CPR masks, large ice packs and adhesive bandages, they offer everything you might need to save lives in a tactical situation. So, whether you have been assaulted by your enemy or some wild creature has injured you, having these trauma kits are definitely going to help you and may even be the life saviors.

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Ready to start exploring our catalogue? Check out Elite First Aid, Inc. Tactical Trauma Kit #1 that is meant to give you easy access to all the essential items you might need. It comes with a couple of large snaps at one end for attaching to a belt that is around 5” wide. There are additional Alice clips as well which allow for wearing it in another location.

For more amazing products from Elite First Aid, Inc. continue exploring our catalogue. Make sure that you add some quality stuff to your tactical gear and achieve great results when on duty.