Cold Steel English Police Truncheon

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LA Police Gear requires proof of active law enforcement employment for all California residents when purchasing batons. Active police, military, and security personnel in California may order batons, but civilians cannot. After you place your order online, it will be placed on a hold until we can verify your identification. You can email a copy (front and back) of your current, valid law enforcement identification or guard card and your baton permit to Alternatively you can also fax a copy of your ID and permit to 661-294-0499. If we do not receive a copy of a valid ID within 1 week, your order will be canceled.

The Cold Steel English Police Truncheon is inspired by the Truncheon employed by British Bobbies to be eye-catching and durable. Injection molded from high-impact polypropylene this Truncheon is impact resistant, weatherproof, and waterproof and comes with a cord lanyard.

The Truncheon was the tool of the trade for the tough law enforcement officers of Victorian England that served as a symbol of authority. Displaying the Royal crest, jurisdiction, and department number on the shaft, these were almost a badge in their own right.

The classic Truncheon could be employed with devastating effect. Often made from Lignum Vitae, a heavy, dense hardwood, the Truncheon could be used to jab, deliver rapping strikes, and be used for joint manipulation and locks, or the straight forward clobbering of whatever was in your way. Today the Classic Truncheons are prized by collectors particularly overseas.


      • Thickness Base: 1 1/4"
      • Thickness Neck: 1 3/4"
      • Handle Length: 6.5"
      • Material: Polypropylene
      • Overall Length: 21.5"