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Plate Carriers

The most intense tactical missions call for the most advanced protection. Tactical plate carriers are purpose-built for stopping the high-powered rifle shots that soft body armor can't. Based on the Soldier Plate Carrier System used by the U.S. Army, these vests provide the ultimate barrier for your vital organs. Slide a ballistic plate into any one of the carriers from LA Police Gear and you have a bulletproof vest ready for operations. While they are not ideal for daily use, a good plate carrier is essential for SWAT team members and soldiers to have when stuff hits the fan.

These ballistic armor carriers are made by leading companies such as Second Chance, Condor, Point Blank and First Spear. Their designs offer a number of possibilities for men and women who need rifle protection. You can get a carrier without side panels for better ventilation or with side panels to provide more support and more places to carry accessories. Modular tactical carriers have the option to add or remove the panels as needed. Some vests come with pockets and pouches for your magazines, lights, maps and radios. But many prefer a MOLLE plate carrier with webbing to attach your own pouches. The choice is yours!

What all carriers at LA Police Gear have in common is that they are made for maximum functionality and comfort. Durable materials, inner padding, detachable shoulder straps and adjustable side buckles are some of the ways they do more while protecting you. In addition to full vests, we sell side panel and pouch attachments for certain models, and we have a back panel add-on for certain chest harnesses to create a full rig around the torso. The 365-Day "Bulletproof Guarantee" means you can send yours back if you're not satisfied in any way. But with more than one million satisfied customers since 2001, we're confident you'll find the right tactical plate carrier.

Plate Carriers

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