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Tactical Knives for Police Officers, CHP, Sheriffs Deputies, and Soldiers

Ever thought knives could have other uses than just in your home’s kitchen? Yes, you can use them effectively in a variety of different situations and they can even make great part of your tactical gear if you are security guards, first responder, police or military personnel. You can even have them in your camping or hunting gear too and they will serve a variety of different purposes. In fact, when you are outdoors, you need knives more than ever whether it is for times when you have to cook your meals out there in the open or when you are faced with some life threat. In fact, you may even need them for cutting different materials as you might need.

Even though there are so many different types of knives available today, they can be broadly categorized into fixed blade knives and folding knives. The fixed blade ones are what we usually have in our homes and we use them in our routine kitchen chores. The folding knives are tailor made for outdoor use where you don’t have anywhere safe to keep them and you can simply fold them away and even keep them in your pockets.

No matter for what purpose you need the knives for, it is really important that you pick the best products from the top brands of the world. We understand that more than anyone else and bring you the best knives from industry’s top names like LA Police Gear, 5.11 Tactical, Spyderco, Cold Steel Knives, Columbia River Knife & Tool, Kershaw Knives, SOG, Benchmade Knives, Smith & Wesson, Gerber Knives, Ka-Bar Knives, and Fury. The knives that hail from these brands are the highest quality products that are tailor made to give you precision cutting and have world’s finest blades built into them. The grip is perfect too and you can expect them to last for years. Those which deserve to be part of your tactical gear are made with great safety features as well so that you may not end up hurting yourself as you carry them with you on job.

The LA Police Gear Rescue EDC Folding Knife makes one of the best we have in store. It’s been rated highly by our valued customers and you can expect it to offer some of the most amazing features. It doesn’t just look great and serves the purpose equally well, it is also quite a bargain and will let you save some money on your next purchase. Made using tough 8Cr14MoV steel, the knife is extremely durable and can be sharpened anytime to achieve that perfect edge. Being a folding knife, it can be carried easily into your pocket and makes a perfect emergency tool. There is a pocket clip as well which can be removed any time you like but can maintain a low-profile look even when it is clipped into the pocket. Overall, it’s a perfect buy for your tactical gear and comes with amazing features.

Don’t stop here! Just keep exploring and find some of the best knives on our catalogue to feature in your tactical gear.