Zak Tool


ZAK Tool police, military, and security products are designed especially for law enforcement officers and Fire fighting agencies. Made in the U.S.A. of the highest quality materials, Zak Tool products are built to last.  When a product is designed and manufactured with only USA-made components, it's pretty obvious that it plainly stands out against imitation products.  Zak Tool designs all their products with the important needs of law enforcement and public safety in the forefront.  All their metals are custom-made from the best quality heat-treated steel and their patent-pending molded compounds contain a very heavy durable formula to prevent damage and to hold up to the highest demands expected by the user. 

When you think of Zak Tool, simply think of their handcuff keys.  For example, the Zak Tool ZT14 Aluminum Pocket Handcuff Key has a standard designed and is compatible with all standard series handcuffs.  All Zak Tool tactical handcuff keys are made of heat treated stainless steel and will last a lifetime.  

Because of the high grade material and craftsmanship employed, it is possible and practical for Zak Tool to offer all their customers an unlimited lifetime guarantee. As part of your tactical gear, you would be remiss in not looking at adding the addition of one or more of Zak Tool products.  Zak Tool will probably outlive the lifetime warranty of any of your other tactical equipment.  LA Police Gear is an authorized ZAK tool dealer.  We have the full line in stock and ready to ship out to you today.