Vortex Optics

Vortex Rifle Scopes and Optics. Since 1986, Vortex has been and still remains an American owned, Veteran owned, Family owned and operated business of hard-working folks located in south central Wisconsin.  Today, Vortex Optics has also been making a great push into the Red Dot sight and Spotting Scope market.

Dan and Margie Hamilton, the original and current owners, moved to Middleton, WI in 1986 and started a small outdoor retail store. The business was started on the belief that if you focused on the customers and helped them achieve their goals with fast, friendly and personalized service, then the bottom line would take care of itself. The business grew and evolved over time and in 2002 Vortex Optics was established. Starting with Dan and Margie and now over 200 American team members strong, Vortex works diligently day in and day out to give you the best products and service in the optics industry.

All of Vortex's products are designed, engineered, pre-inspected and serviced in their own modern facility to ensure you receive the best products and service for your hard earned dollar. As of date, Vortex Optics has dealers located throughout the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa, Australia and elsewhere.

You can always find a crew of Vortex staff at all major trade shows checking out the tactical, hunting, shooting, outdoor and birding/observation markets.  That's because Vortex makes a point of staying ahead of the rest of the tactical optic field.  In fact, they proudly call themselves fanatics and perfectionists about doing things the right way.  And that means you can have the utmost confidence in all of Vortex's Optic and Riflescope products.

Our L.A. Police Gear customers are always asking us which is the best Vortex riflescope?  As if we could answer such a tough question!  But at LAPG, we can help you find the best Vortex scope for YOUR needs. We can tell you that in the tactical field, law enforcement and military personnel really favor the Vortex Viper PST Gen II riflescope.  With upgraded features from the inside out, the Viper PST's unbeatable performance and super-solid features take your shooting skills to the next level. With perfect precision long-range shots, our knowledgeable staff at LA Police Gear know there is a Vortex Gen II PST in your future that will exceed all your expectations!  

As for the best Vortex Red Dot? Another tough question, but LAPG recommends the Vortex Venom Red Dot.  Nevermind that the name 'Venom' is super cool, the Venom Red Dot makes your AR, pistol or shotgun even more accurate.  The low-profile, yet rugged aluminum housing surround a large viewing window that actually gives you a wide field of view and sight picture with next-to-no obstruction, making your rapid shooting transitions and target acquisitions a breeze!

So for all the very difficult decisions Vortex offers you, we at LA Police Gear can very-assuredly tell you we are an authorized Vortex scope and Optics dealer. And that's a super-easy answer!