Mil-Spec Monkey


It started with a Monkey.  A Monkey interested in a bunch of tactical shit.  With a head for art and design. And so became Mil-Spec Monkey, a unique business that focuses on very unique morale patches that you won't see anywhere else.  Although Monkey knows he won't be able to change the world, he can definitely bring some smiles and humor into the stressful field of military members and law enforcement officers. 

Tactical gear doesn't always have to be serious.  And Mil-Spec Monkey (MSM) definitely helps lighten your load with some very humorous and kick-butt morale patches. And Monkey and his folks specialize in morale patches to accommodate all kinds of people - from serious tactical operators to fun, tongue-in-the-cheek humorists.  And even patches that are life-savers.  For example, the Mil-Spec Monkey Blood types Patch is customized to display the blood type for all military members, law enforcement officers and Emergency Services personnel; in case of trauma and hemorrhaging by those on our front lines, seconds count to save their lives and being able to display their blood type with a personalized Mil-Spec Monkey Blood type patch saves minutes off blood transfusions.  And these patches come in different colors to match any uniform or tactical gear.

But it's not all about patches for Mil-Spec Monkey.  The Mil-Spec Monkey EMT/Medical Shears are a HUGE seller at LA Police Gear.  Yes, it's true most EMT Shears can cut just about anything other than cutting clothing off a wounded patient.  But most brands of the EMT/Medical shears are very expensive and once used,  the shears may need to be disposed of due to contamination of blood and other bodily fluids.  The MSM EMT Shears do exactly the same thing as all the other tactical shears on the market today, but Mil-Spec Monkey's EMT Shears cost a whole lot less, so you can purchase more than just one shear and dispose of them as needed without breaking the bank. 

So look around at all the Mil-Spec Monkey tactical gear and morale patches that LAPG carries.  And we dare you not to laugh out loud!