The Bianchi brand is recognized as the largest leading manufacturer of innovative, high-quality handgun holsters and accessories. Started by John Bianchi in 1958, Bianchi produces innovative holster designs specifically for law enforcement, military and shooting markets worldwide. From premier leather products including Bianchi Cowboy, to the notably durable AccuMold® and PatrolTek™ lines, Bianchi holsters and gun accessories are known for their time-proven designs, quality and longevity.

Check out the very popular Bianchi PatrolTek Open Handcuff Case, which features a pull-through style for easy access to the cuffs. A dual web belt loop design conveniently accommodates both a 2 inch (50mm) and 2.25 inch (58mm) belt width. Or the Bianchi Model 82 CarryLok Auto Retention Belt Slide Holster.  The Bianchi 82 Holster offers the speed of an open top holster with the security of Auto Retention, using the FingerLok retention mechanism that secures the pistol by the trigger guard when holstered.

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Bianchi is the leading tactical gear provider in the US with some high-quality and innovative handgun holsters on offer. If you have been serving in the military, police, security guards, and first responder teams for some time, you’d be pretty familiar with the brand and their products. Well, that’s because the holsters and accessories from Bianchi are widely used by the law enforcement personnel in their day to day activities. The products from the brand are all made sturdy and come in the most innovative designs to support the day to day function of the law enforcement and shooters. Even adventurers and shooters love to invest in a couple of holsters from this brand for their tactical gear. The brand offers a range of premier leather products that have been trusted by the law enforcement and helps with easy carrying of their handguns and other tactical equipment. So, if you are looking for some quality leather holsters or magazine pouches and accessories, you can go with Bianchi as your top trusted choice.

The brand has been offering top quality products on the market since its inception and their range includes duty and leather belts, duty accessories, holsters, and pouches. If you want to buy the quality leather products from the world’s top manufacturers, you don’t really need to look any further because Bianchi’s amazing stuff is right here for you. They not only design products that are easy to use in a variety of tactical settings giving you easy access to your weapon and other stuff, but their holsters and other leather products are also known for their longevity and overall quality. Regardless of the routine wear and tear that comes with tactical use of these products, you can expect them to last longer and serve your specific needs the best they possibly could.

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To start your search, check out our best-selling Bianchi 8034 Patroltek Open Top Handcuff Case that makes a perfect addition to your arsenal if you’re a sheriff or a have a similar role to serve in the law enforcement. The pull-through style of the product really makes it an amazing item for giving you easy access to the handcuffs. Its trilaminate build with 600-denier woven finish really makes it a sturdy piece to have on your tactical gear. The dual-web belt loop design allows for 2-inch to 2.25-inch belts widths and it can hold a single pair of chain handcuffs.

With our wide selection of Bianchi tactical gear, you are no short of options regardless of what leather products you need. We have many other brands in store and you should start checking through our catalogue now!