North American Rescue SPEAR Decompression Needle

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The North American Rescue SPEAR Decompression Needle is a versatile device that allows the user to administer either lateral decompression or traditional anterior needle thoracostomy.

The SPEAR (Simplified Pneumothorax Emergency Air Release) device features a sharper needle point that reduces the amount of force required to insert the needle. The additional spin-lock feature helps prevent premature separation between the needle and catheter. The device has centimeter depth markings which helps with the confirmation of depth and success, and a detachable, low pressure one-way check valve that creates an audible whistle as air rushes through. The one-way valve is removable from the needle and can reapplied to the catheter or left off entirely, according to local protocols. Upon removal of the needle, the remaining catheter is a flexible, kink-resistant material with a soft tip to lessen the impact on possible tissue contact. Also, the catheter features 3 fenestrations (holes) along the length to aid in air flow.

The latest TCCC Guidelines have allowed for a 10ga Needle in addition to the traditional 14ga product. The larger lumen increases the area of flow by more than two and a half times. The additional length of the SPEAR device (total catheter length: 3.75 in.) should allow the user to reach and maintain access to the pleural space in a vast majority of the population


      • Latest innovation in Needle Decompression technology
      • Designed based on known gaps in the management of tension pneumothorax
      • Sharper needle point for easier insertion
      • User friendly features like spin-lock connection, depth markings, and detachable low-pressure one-way valve
      • Fenestrations along catheter for additional air flow
      • Familiar, rugged, pen-style case for ease of storage and deployment
      • Allows either lateral decompression or traditional anterior needle thoracostomy
      • Catheter made of flexible kink-resistant material with a soft tip
      • Single use only. Supplied sterile


      • Packaged: L 7.625 in. x Diameter 0.75 in.
      • Catheter: 10Ga x 3.75 in.
      • Weight: 1 oz